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Roadside Assistance Dubai provide hassle free and cost effective car registration renewal dubai solutions to individuals and corporate customers. We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialties.

We will pick your vehicle from your Door Step and get the car registration renewal process done before we return your car back to you.

Our specialties.

Car Registration 
Car Renewal
Car Passing
Car Insurance
Car Fines Payment
Car Ownership Transfer
Import/Export Documentation and Clearance

Frequently Asked Questions

All brand new and Used vehicles must be registered after they’re bought. In order to arrange the registration they have do test before the registration of vehicle.

First renewal test for brand new private light vehicles is after 3 years. After this time, the testing should be in every 1 year.

  • Renewal tests for vehicles which are more than 3 years old must be performed every year.
  • Renewal tests for all commercial and heavy vehicles must be performed every year.
  • The vehicle need to do test before the export if the customer wishes to export the car with the number plates.
  • If a vehicle was damaged in an accident, it has to be tested after it is repaired.
  • The vehicle test can be performed up to six months prior to the expiry of the vehicle registration.
  • If a vehicle fails the test, a re-test must be performed within 30 days of failure of any above test.

For Vehicle registration renewal, the registration renewal  test can be performed up to 6 months before the expiry of vehicle registration.

The test must be performed no later than 1 month after expiry of the vehicle registration in order to avoid penalties.

Previously, only vehicles which are registered in Dubai could be re-tested in service centers in Dubai. This has recently changed, and vehicles registered in other emirates can also be tested in any federal service center in Dubai.

testing , pick up vehicle form your doorstep,car registration renewal all together it will take approx 2 to 3 hr.

  • Wash the vehicle.
  • Wash the license plate number.
  • Remove underside cover, if present.
  • Make sure the safety triangle, spare wheel and fire extinguisher (as applicable to your vehicle category) are in a visible/accessible location.
  • Make sure you have prior approval from RTA for all stickers and/or advertisements.

No, we are not insurance agent, but we have long term relationships with reputed insurance companies in UAE which enables us to provide you with the best insurance price , depending on your car model, year of manufacture and mileage.

We will send you insurance quote from different insurance company Once you decide, we will coordinate with the insurance companies and get you the best coverage for your car.

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car registration renewal dubai